June 23, 2024

Best Kabaddi Matches’ Betting Markets

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As a sport, Kabaddi has various betting markets, each of which presents its own unique opportunities for punters. By understanding and utilizing these markets on India’s best sportsbook, Lotus365, you can greatly improve your betting strategy. This blog will look into the best markets for betting on Kabaddi matches and how to maximize them.

Most Loved Betting Markets

First Half Winner:

Summary: A market where you bet on the team that will lead at half time.

Strategies: There are teams that start their matches strongly and take early leads. That kind of team can be identified by observing historical performance.

An example is if Patna Pirates always have an upper hand in the first half then one could place a bet on them leading at halftime while games are still up for grabs in second halves.

Top Raider/Top Defender:

Overview: Place your bets on the player who will most points through raids or tackles in any given match.

Strategies: Look at players’ data and form.Key players in raiding like Pardeep Narwal or defense such as Manjeet Chhillar frequently lead these statistics tables.

For instance, if someone wants to place a bet on the best raider of the game, they can do so with Pardeep Narwal who is always hot off his game being a top pick.

Handicap Betting:

Summary: A method of leveling the playing field whereby one side gets an imaginary handicap and another one receives it as an advantage.This means that you can wager upon this particular group winning with this handicap applied to it.

Strategies: In cases where there are strong favorites in particular matches, using this market provides more favorable odds for favorites or greater security for underdogs.

Example Bengaluru Bulls might be highly favored against Tamil Thalaivas; however, if one bets on Bengaluru Bulls having a -5.5 point advantage over Tamil Thalaivas; it would be a better option as well.

In-Play Betting:

Real-Time Analysis: This is where live betting comes into play to take advantage of in-play dynamics. By watching the game live, you can monitor the performance of both teams and individual players.

Momentums Shift: Momentum swings for and against sides in a match. This is after noticing that there has been some momentum change especially if one bets on a team to come from behind after an awful start.

An instance could be when a particular team known for strong finishes falls behind at halftime; therefore, betting them to win the second half or the whole match may be advisable here.

Player Performance Markets

Individual Bets: This refers to placing bets on personal player performances like how many raid points or tackles does this certain person make.

Historical Data: Use player statistics and historical data to inform your bets. Consistent performers are more likely to meet their expected point totals.

Example: Betting on a reliable defender like Nitesh Kumar to achieve a high number of tackle points in a match can be profitable.

Special Bets:

Unique Markets: Some betting platforms offer special bets such as total number of super raids or super tackles in a match.

Research Trends: Look for trends and statistics related to these unique aspects of the game that will help you make the right decisions when betting.

Example: In case you find two aggressive teams playing against each other, opt for more super raids in this game.


Kabaddi has different types of markets with different opportunities as well as challenges. Through an understanding and leveraging of these markets, one may improve on his betting strategy hence increasing chances of success. For an all-inclusive and user-friendly sports betting experience, use the Lotus365 app for sports betting today. Formulated with various features and competitive odds, Lotus365 sports betting app offers players in India a platform where they can have enjoyable gambling experiences throughout their lives.